• Lecco ICT, Ecosmartland (Cavi)



One strategical aspect of Eco Smart Land is the use of ICT technologies.

ICT was created to develop web services and applications to manage information and data of the territory.

Objective: to allow the widest “knowledge” of all information, obtained by collecting and analyzing data of the territory; by integrating and updating databases; by sharing the data on existing platforms.

In order to achieve these purposes, has been implemented an IT web infrastructure , connecting the “E015” ecosystem with local data, in order to simplify data processing and update. This infrastructure will be implemented by a working group sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Lecco with Lariodesk, Lariofiere, and will be supported by Politecnico di Milano and CEFRIEL.

Lab Lecco ICT not only focuses on Expo 2015 but also beyond Expo 2015, by collecting, updating, analyzing, and integrating data with all available information and developing new web services to support industry and business in the Lecco’s area.